Beyond Brilliance

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Key Features of Eviqe’s Lab-Grown Diamonds

Brilliant Quality: Meticulously crafted lab-grown diamonds, grown with precision, exhibiting exceptional quality and brilliance.

Sustainable and Ethical: Eviqe's commitment to sustainability and ethics aligns with the UAE's vision, avoiding harmful practices.

Core Innovation: Eviqe pioneers technological innovation in diamond production, ensuring brilliance and excellence.

Stunning Selection: From classic solitaires to custom designs, Eviqe offers a world of possibilities in lab-grown diamonds and jewelry.



GM's Message

Osama Al Salman, General Manager of Eviqe, said, “the launch of Eviqe's certified lab-grown diamond production and cutting & polishing facility in Dubai is a significant step towards revolutionizing the diamond industry, offering consumers a sustainable, ethical, and exceptional choice for their jewelry needs. As Eviqe continues to grow and innovate, it will solidify Eviqe as a global leader in lab grown diamonds and align with Dubai's position as a global hub for cutting-edge diamond technology and craftsmanship”.

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